Sad State Of Affairs

Some one needs to have a chat to the greeting card industry as a whole. I went looking for a condolence card today and every one had a verse inside. They all seemed to have flowers too, except for one that had a cartoon of a bird with an umbrella. No, I don’t get it either.

I don’t want people to write my cards for me. I want a nice understated image, preferably not of a flower and I want the inside to be blank. The lack of this sort of card, though, made me do something I hadn’t done in years. I sent a letter. I had to buy the letter pad and envelopes (Basildon Bond, white) but it let me say what I wanted to in a very non-floral way.

And it got me wondering when I wrote my last letter.

Sadly, I have no idea.

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  1. I often send personal cards especially to say thank you or just to say thinking of you. I think the extra effort is always appreciated. I have always been a fan of the gift that is thoughtful rather than expensive. You need to hunt a bit harder I often buy my condolence cards from Myer. Yes they usually have a flower on them but they are blank. I buy them when I see them because when you need one sometimes you can’t get one. No it is not a pessimistic outlook on things just planning ahead. I hope you are ok in regards to whom evers passing you were sending you thoughts for.

  2. I’m the same with Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. If I was the artistic type, I’d do my own and get them published.

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