“I’ll just say it’s a mess of noise because I can’t spell cacophony.”

Well said Phil-not-the-Jupitus-one from 6 Music after the first airing of the new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’.

And then they read out my emailed reaction.


As much as I admire Bob Geldof this one’s a mess. Hope it sells bucket loads though.

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  1. hey i searched bandaid20 on google and read your comments. Im 16 and i think i have to agree in saying that the 1st one was so much better. i personaly love thie original and listen to it every xmas. i will buy the new one because its a catchy song and the words are meaningfull. the thing that anoyed me with this one was that the many of the singers didnt sing with the energy the last one had and they sung it as a song not in an im saving someones life by singing this kind of way. i think for a song like this you can’t compare it to the last one and in my experience the more you listen to this re make the more you start to enjoy it. it will be going on my ipod. i think the song words are brilliant and dido and dizzee rascal and the sugababes did the song justace. i didn’t like the guy out of the darkness’ bit but then i can’t stand him. overall i hope everyone buys the song and it stays at number1 for weeks becasue after all its xmas and whether or not the money raised really makes a difference at least people are trying. hope every1 has a wkd xmas and buy the song everyone

  2. It is one of those singles to buy for the cause but not listen to. It may not sound great but it does at least help a worthy cause (though just giving money directly to charity would achieve the same) – unlike some dreadful singles that merely line producers’ pockets.

    Probably won’t find its way onto many iPods.

  3. It’s derranged. Everyones doing their own vocal acrobatics and no one is actually singing TOGETHER. A “mess of sound” is right, that’s for sure. And sorry Sir Bob, but you lost all my respect by letting that ponce from The Darkness into the mix. Ugh.

  4. To me it sounded a mess. Very thin, ridiculous self congratulatory cheering at the end, some totally out of place rap, an odd start…

    Then again I just don’t get the music those young people listen to today so I’m probably the wrong person to be voicing their opinion on popular music.

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