A Sticky Pod

I was talking to Rae about how difficult it was using the Ipod when driving. Having it tucked away meant you couldn’t safely flick to the next song, adjust the volume for the transmitter or look at the name of the song when you have no idea what it is. Of course, the smart cookie that she is she came up with an idea in two seconds.


Now, with the application of a small tab of Velcro my Pod sits to the right of the steering wheel. It’s easier to access than the CD player (oh, how 2003 of me to still have one of them in the car!), I can see the screen clearly and it is closer to the aerial so it sounds magnificent. Sure it’s not as cool as the Ipod adaptor for BMWs but it’s cheap, secure and makes Ipodding and driving safe.

She has a solution for everything that gal.

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  1. the iPod is wonderful when it is working. i am ready to throw mine across the room and then leap after it with a sledgehammer.

  2. Your solution is actually better than the BMW option, in that you can still view your iPod screen and operate the buttons. BMW’s option of operating the Pod through the stereo’s cd controls, whilst being very cool, doesn’t display song info on the screen or allow control through the Pod’s buttons.

    Of course when I get around to ordering the Neo Ion, this will be best as it can be operated both ways.

  3. Actually Ren you need a plug in for the Ipod. They can either be an FM transmitter (I have a Griffin Itrip) so you pick up your pod on your car stereo (91.5 seems to work well in Melbourne’s West) or Rob has one that works through a cassette adaptor if your car still has a tape deck.

    And give in Ren, the Pod is truly wonderful.

  4. You can plug the iPod into the car stereo system?

    Oooohhh… The temptation grows just a little (though the Nikon D70 is still winning).

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