On Beds

Daniel’s latest ‘Here is my’ is on beds.

Before I run off and take a photo of ours I have one question to ask all of you.

Standing at the base of the bed, looking towards the head, do you sleep on the left or the right? Has this caused any problems with partners?

I, for one, can not sleep on the wrong side of the bed; it’s unnatural and just plain wrong. Oh yeah, my side is the right.

6 Replies to “On Beds”

  1. Right.

    I heard once that in a relationship the one who sleeps closest to the door is the dominant partner (I guess because on some sub-conscious level they are seen as the “protector”).

  2. *L* I always stick with the same side of the bed – the right. However when I head off to the spare room to escape the snoring or am sick, sprawled out in the middle of the double, flanked by cats.

  3. ‘Side’? You have to choose a ‘side’ to sleep on? I take the middle, except when the cat pushes me out of the way.

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