A Rotten Apple

Well it finally happened, thanks to Rae’s tertiary student card and the good people at Virgin Credit I got myself an Ipod. A 4G 40 gig model.

And I should be very very happy. But I’m not.

The stupid thing refuses to work.

I have followed every instruction to the letter, performed system roll backs, reset my PC and the Ipod so many times I have lost count, swore, grumped and generally harrumphed but to no avail, the bloody thing just won’t communicate with my PC or vica versa. I’ve tried every suggestion I can find on the Apple site, Ipod Lounge and in Google but always end up with one of two errors; both boiling down to the computer knows there is something connected but doesn’t know what it is or how to write to it.

“Just call Apple support” I hear you say. Good idea. If they were open and/or not charging. Their free service hours are 9:00am-6:00pm Monday to Friday, so heaven help you if you work ‘normal’ hours, or pay support on Saturdays only. Excuse me, I’ve just spent a small fortune on one of your lumps of plastic and now you want to charge me to get it working? Apple’s much lauded design skills and user friendliness are slowly being lost on me.

So now I sit here on Sunday morning, looking at a nice shiny white paper weight counting away the hours until Monday when, hopefully, I will finally get my Ipod.


And further more my Ipaq won’t synch if the Ipod is connected on the same USB2 card.

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  1. I’m not super computer literate, and I don’t know all of the arguments for and against Macs and PCs … But I know that in a department where most of the academic staff are using Macs and they sometimes struggle with easy things and ask my help (why give an 80 year old a new computer?, I am frequently wandering back to my office mumbling “I hate Macs!” Am sad you can’t get your new toy to work though, Tony.

  2. that’s terrible. and i wouldn’t recommend calling apple support. those two words should never be said in the same sentence,

  3. Although I agree with the “Wouldn’t have happened if you had a Mac!”, you should not have had the experience you had. I got my iPod when I was away and had no trouble conbnecting with my Windows XP laptop.

    Hmmm…Best of luck.

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