A Slow Almost Victory

The Ipod and I are locked in mortal battle.

It now works, in a manner. It’s supposed to run off my USB 2.0 ports, making for lightning fast transfers from my PC to Pod. That’s the theory – in actuality it only runs on my USB 1.1 ports. That’s like buying a car that can run at 480kph and then having a speed limit applied so it only goes at 12kph. It’s painfully slow to connect and synch.

My computer is two years old now and doesn’t have native USB 2.0 ports. I’ve tried two USB 2.0 cards with the pod and neither functions. The Apple Support line suggested I get one that’s stamped with the Microsoft Windows seal. Another issue Itunes is saying I’ve already used up 22gig – with two albums? It’s really beginning to bug.

Maybe it’s time to update my PC.

5 Replies to “A Slow Almost Victory”

  1. It’s a pity you cannot buy an electronic gizmo these days that can work straight out of the box, you need the instruction manual written in Pidgin English to have any hope of getting it to work! That’s why I’ll probably never buy an iPod, and that’s why I have a fear of modern technology. And yes I still have good ol’ Windows 98.

  2. You’re a tricky one Tony! All this talk about wanting an iPod when what it was you *really* wanted was a new computer. Hah! I’m on to you, matey. 😉 J/K. Hope you get it working soonisher rather than latisher.

  3. I sympathise Tony, as I have an ipod mini sitting prettily at home, with no music until I upgrade my ancient operating system (some of us still use Windows 98!). And unfortunately I dont know one USB port for another so if I have the sorts of trouble you are having my only solution will be a new computer. Or the ipod is going on ebay…

  4. I’m so sad you can’t enjoy the iPod at it’s full potential, especially as you were looking forward to getting it. Stick with it mate, you can get it working and what better reason to go get a new PC. I’m sure you won’t need your arm twisted too much.

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