Digital Problem

Regular readers will know how much I love my wide-screen television shows that are brought to me via my digital set top box.

People who know Rae will know how she is tragically addicted to Neighbours (he says skipping lightly over how he has been dragged in to the same addiction).

The only problem is that the two aren’t compatible.

Every night, some time between 6:30pm and 7:00pm, weekends included, Channel 10 becomes unwatchable on digital. All the other channels are fine and 10 comes through no worries on analogue. It was the same when we lived just around the corner.

Any ideas? We thought it could be a factory shutting down, but it’s the same time on weekends too. It’s summer and winter, daylight savings or not so it’s not solar.

What’s playing with the frequency in Melbourne’s inner west?

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  1. i think the real question is tony, will skye leave boyd for lana, and when will darcy wake up from his coma and expose izzy for the scheming psycopathic hussy she is? (tragic neighbours addictee here too!)
    oh, and will we ever find out the reason why joe scully (or at least the actor who portrayed him) was fired from the show?

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