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Rae and I ordered Buffy Season 6 from EZY DVD a while ago and it was finally posted last week. One of the reasons we have a post office box is to ensure that we get all the mail we are supposed to and it’s worked fine, up until now ’cause Buff never made it.

The grumpy man who runs the Australia Post agency at The Circle told us we’d picked it up, we must be mistaken and that he’d never make a mistake. Of course, we picked up a double DVD of our favourite TV show, put it in the car and completely lost all memories of doing so. Idiot.

So tonight I called Virgin, our credit card provider of choice, and was pleased to hear they have teams of highly trained ninja assassins whose sole job it is to take care of this sort of business. Or he could have said a disputes department, my desire for vengeance may have affected my hearing. So tomorrow the Virgin hounds will be let loose on Mr Grumpy and we will hopefully get our DVDs or our money back.

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  1. Note JB’s $21 price is for a half season.

    I’d have assumed they’d have a signature for anything picked up.

    I’ve given up on mail order for local stuff. It’s too much hassle, it’s a pain having to wait for things, and JB’s usually have it at a comparable or cheaper price.

  2. for similar reasons to this I only order discs from the States by mail thesedays. Generally it is easier to get in the car (baby and all) and get it in person.

  3. bugger. i am waiting on season 7 and also on angel season 4 to come through the post. i had ordered from atlantic for $26 a box as well.
    i was always having problems with australia post as well, except they were never leaving the card. i would go in and ask if there were any parcels for me as i was expecting them, and they would get all snotty until they actually went out into the back and lo and behold they were there waiting for me.
    still never had a card left in the future though!

  4. I saw season 7 is JB yesterday for $21 a box if your interested. I had bought them at EzyDVD minutes earlier for $26 a box and was quite interested.

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