They Had Me At Hello

If the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result then I’m officially a Silver Stupid Person.

The Tigers released their membership pricing today. Five minutes after getting the email I was joined up for 18 games and A reserve seating again. Having been signed up for 5 years I’m now a Silver Member and get a heap of bonus Tiger stuff, including my umpteenth billion Tiger cap, although this one is only for Silver Members so it will probably become my game cap. As a reward for being a sad bastard and signing up early I get a Tigers DVD. I’m praying it’s not the highlights of 2003-2004.

2005, it’ll be different.

Really. It will be.

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  1. FYI, something just came across my desk that you might be interested in tracking down …
    ‘Australian Football: A Quarterly Journal of Essays, Ideas, Commentary and Illustration’ ( and an ad for ‘Football Fever: Grassroots’ from Maribyrnong Press … Jounral looks kind of interesting after a quick flick and read, even if it does have way too many ads in it to be given much credibility. I think they’re struggling to find where to draw the line when they’re not too sure of their audience … At the very least, the ‘101 reasons why we love football’ “article” was an enjoyable read.

  2. That is the definition of insanity not stupidity….looking forward to a DVD night at your house!!!

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