Sorry Dad

Apologies to you Dad, now I know what a pain I must have been because today I fixed my first tyre puncture.

With thanks to Wonderful Rob ? I scored a brand spanking new mountain bike. He dropped it off yesterday and, as it’s back tyre was flat, asked if I could fix it okay.

“Sure.” I said. Why I do not know as I’d never fixed one before. As a young lad I had a very patient father who, whenever I would ride over a bindii on the way home from school, would get out the bowl and little plastic box and patch it up. Sure I’d watch and something must have sunk in as, with only a quick confirmation on the net, two grazed fingers and Rae wandering out to see what was going on I now have a fully pumped up rear tyre on my bike.

New Bike

Thanks Rob, it’s a great bike and I’m looking forward to cycling round over summer already.

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