She’s My Geek

Well, Phee recently moved on from CD’s to the radio. She has her own, um, we once called them boom boxes or ghetto blasters (what the hell are they called now?) in her room and up until recently it was CD after CD after CD.

Now she’s discovered the radio and has settled, unprompted, on her station of choice.

The station being Triple J. Sure, it’s only a former shadow of it’s former wondrous self but given the alternatives she’s done well.

She’s my geek, and I’m proud of her.

4 Replies to “She’s My Geek”

  1. She’s got good taste in music. I remember listening to 3KZ at that age. That’s so embarrassing.

  2. Enjoy I am sure it won’t be too long before she discovers all those boy bands, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Kylie…..all your favs.

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