The Good Pen Project, Pt II

Well, it worked for a while. A couple of years ago I bought a Good Pen to try and stop the eternal problem of losing pens and biros. Everything went well until the other day when the clip broke off, leaving a lovely jagged edge. Jagged pen edges and pants, skin, PDAs, mobile phones, just about anything really, don’t get on so today I continue The Good Pen Project.

Introducing The Good Pen, V2. It’s not engraved yet, that’s tomorrow’s project.

The Good Pen 2

Still couldn’t write neatly to save myself though.

3 Replies to “The Good Pen Project, Pt II”

  1. We used to have Staedtler Stick pens and they are the best. Our office has recently changed to very bad pens, so everytime I find one of the Sticks lying around I collect it and into my drawer it goes. Just the best.

  2. I never used to care about pens….I have been given in excess of about 10 over the years all engraved with diffeent messages and not one i really have any love for. When I started in my current job and they supplied us with the worst pens know to man, work occassionaly, ink is gluggy, tear paper, I found a love of the steadler pens and they are now a hot commodity in my office.

  3. i still can’t go past the good old black artliner. it has been an obssession since high school and i just cannot give it up. (not the same one obviously, or else the company would never make any profit)

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