Take One Hill Daily

When I saw the doc recently he told me I have to exercise; fair enough, I agree. One thing he said stuck in my head, “if you find a good hill, go up it twice.”

Living in The Worlds Flattest City that can be a tough ask and up until tonight I’ve been finding a good flat bit and doing it thrice. But no more. After realising there was a convenient back entrance to Newport Lakes not too far away I headed off, found a suitably steep grade and proceeded to march up, scurry back down and march up again. This I repeated until I couldn’t stand. I don’t know how good this will be for my heart but I can tell you my legs aren’t happy with me.

Tomorrows exercise will be tackling the jungle that should be our lawn.

3 Replies to “Take One Hill Daily”

  1. The hilly area in Ascot Vale, around the river is MARVELOUS for walks… I had to walk up a hill to get to my house when I lived in Maribyrnong… every day, going to school and coming home again, in the snow, with no shoes, and it was always raining, but did WE complain? Noooo… you youngin’s these da – Ahem. Got carried away.

  2. Craig, I lived east of Richmond for over 15 years. We have bumps. Refer pretty much any other city in the world for real hills.

  3. the world’s flattest city? Obviously you’ve never travelled east of Richmond (refer a previous comment on this subject).

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