Exooooorcist Required

Out evil spirits of the Olympics!

Out of my television! Release my favourite show!

Out of my radio! Release my favourite stations!

The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!
(Repeat until the Olympics are banished or I throw myself out of a window conveniently placed over a long set of stairs).

5 Replies to “Exooooorcist Required”

  1. They cancelled Queer Eye on C.10 for American Pie!!! I was so cut. There was no reason NOT to show Queer Eye. That just reeks.

  2. you would think the competing television stations would at least try to attract the non sporting crowds… instead, what do we get? a marathon of “Police Academy” movies. thank god for DVD!

  3. I remember after the Seoul Olympics of 1988, the Comedy Company did a song parodying the Australian team anthem of the time: “Tell all the sons and daughters of Kentucky Fried….. We’re staying home, watching the telly”.

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