As The Kid Gloves Come Off

One thing Rae and I glossed over in the recounting of recent trip to Hobart was just how much of a monster Phee was. If we had have flown over and spent three days in the motel room watching television she may have been happy then.

Well she has done her dash, and not just with us. We SMS’d her grandmother last night to see if she wanted to have Phee on Thursday and it seems that Nana’s limit has been reached too ’cause Phee ain’t welcome there any more.

Phee was already being kept home tonight from Great Grand Mother’s because she refused to clean her room and ‘forgot’ her homework for the second week running. Tonight she ‘forgot’ the homework again, as well as a new project , so as Rae went to Yoga she was told to clean her room.

An hour later and she was still playing in the pig sty, not one thing cleaned.

Dinner was almost ready so I told her that she had had ample time to clean her room, I was going to put her dinner on the table and she was to come and eat it only when she had finished.

“No I will come when it’s ready.” she said, instantly losing her allowance for the week in the process.

Twenty minutes later and the room is spotless, the food is still lukewarm and I’m hoping a lesson may been learnt.

Hoping against hope, yet hoping just the same.

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