Hold The Presses

It’s official, we’re going to be in the Herald Sun on August 7, timed to coincide with the launch of the new album. I think Deborah Conway has been interviewed too so I hope everyone was on their best behaviour .

Rae just asked if you were to release a single which song would it be? So if you were there and have the CD what’s your pick of the album?

5 Replies to “Hold The Presses”

  1. I Love you But/Any Fool double release. Upbeat, melodic, and the sort of thing you whistle for hours after hearing it on a radio in the back of a truck on a construction site in the middle of summer.

  2. Though this commonet has no relation to your diary, my friend who is an New Zealander, bought my family some “aerogard”s in Australia. The smell is quite different from Japanese one’s. But it works well. I want to just tell this thing to you. Anway it’s in the really hot and humid summer. As soon as I try to weed the garden, I’m bitten by mosqiots.

  3. I think Sunday Morning would be my pick for a single, it really captures the optimism of the album for me.

  4. Maybe it’s because I’m more familiar with it than anything else on the CD, but I like “Accidents Happen In The Home”. I think that’d be cool.

  5. Bah! That’s not what I asked! I said, which song do you think Deb will release as the first single?


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