Tonight On Between Coffees, A Very Special Blog Entry

One thousand blog entries.

It’s taken over two years but I’ve made it. Thanks to all the regular readers who keep on coming back (even when I don’t blog for five days).

Here’s a potted history of the last thousand entries, ignoring all the posts of me whining about my beloved Tigers or Canucks and taking in to account I don’t say how I lucky am to have Rae and Stink any where near enough.

The high/low lights of the first 1000 Between Coffee posts.

Rae and I decide to move in together. Instant family.
The Visitors From Hell destroy a weekend.
I get a nephew and he’s named in part after me.
The rooster war ends (Check previous posts for the full story)
I really like this photo.
Thomas makes himself the thousand dollar cat.
Rae talks in her sleep and we get an elephant called Gerald.
I forgot I outed Grace as a plagiarist.
Rae sleep talking again.
The neighbour troubles begin two days after we re-sign our lease for a year.
Belter arrives.
The worlds most boring dream.
First time we contemplate moving due to neighbours.
The neighbour gets struck by karma.
But they strike back soon enough.
And again.
And again.
I get my new car.
Neighbours again.
And we almost got rid of them at the auction that ended up not being one.
Andit appears they may win.
But a stroke of good fortune lands in a home we love.
Then the agent tries to screw us over.
But in the end justice prevails!
We get to announce we are Contemplating Albert
And, of course, The Deb Project

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