Not So Stranger Danger

This will probably make a lot more sense if you go read Rae’s story first.

Given that when Rae was speaking to him Phee’s biological dad mentioned he’d been watching her at school we thought it would be a good idea to have a chat to Phee about this.

It was just me and Phee for dinner tonight so I asked her if she remembered about ‘Stranger Danger’ from school. She ran through what to do and I let it lie for ten minutes.

I then asked her what she’d do if ‘Fred’ approached her at school.

“Well, he once was my dad, before you were. And he did know my family so I’d probably say hello.” she said, swirling her fish finger in the sauce as she thought it through.

“What if he asked you to go back to his house?”

She looked straight up.

“I’d say ‘No, I want to be with my real family’.”

Then after she thought for a couple of seconds she decided it would be a good idea to tell a teacher.

I gave here a kiss, she finished her dinner and made me pinky promise we would watch telly together.

I’m a very lucky man.

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  1. Tony, it sounds like you’re all on the right track. And I hope for everybody’s sake that RH pulls his head in. All the best guys.

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