Look At Me, I’m All Healthy

Huh, it’s all good news and I’m a surprised as anyone.

My only ‘problem’ is that my cholesterol is 5.7, a “smidgen” over the desired upper limit and, much to her chagrin, lower than my mums. All I have to do is alter my diet a little by eating sensible portions, instead of larger portions, of the not so good stuff that I like and I have to take up exercise. My pulse rate was a little fast so I’m on beta-blockers to slow that down until my exercise program kicks in.

So if you see a geek peddling and puffing around the inner west swearing and listening to The Proclaimers on his headphones don’t be alarmed, it’s just me.

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  1. I had the same result with my LDL levels about a month ago and had to introduce more soluble fiber into my diet. Been eating lots of rolled oats for breakfast, eating lentils, beans, etc. And I was supposed to be doing more exercise but… well… its just so boring! When they invent a way to exercise while reading blogs, I’m in.

  2. good news! you must be relieved.
    (and you need more bad eighties pop than that if you ar egoing to put yourself through the torture of exercise)

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