Change, Change

Well maybe not so much change.

It’s music I’m talking about – at first I thought my tastes must have been changing but I realised the usual suspects (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Paul Kelly, Deb Conway et al) are still there but I seem to be more open to new (well, it’s actually all older) music.

My latest ‘find’ – The Proclaimers. Yep, those Scottish lads with glasses. It all started when I downloaded Sunshine On Leith from even though, as Rae pointed out after the fact, I had a copy on CD and now I’m addicted. Their site has some free downloads and if you want a chuckle (and are on broadband) check out this amusing little clip for a song that’s now stuck inside my head – There’s A Touch (Quick Time required).

And I’m going to try and use ‘haver’ in conversation tomorrow at least 3 times. Even though I’m not entirely sure I know what it means.

P.S Miss Marita, you are banned from commenting on this post!

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  1. Ahm on mah way from misery tae happiness t’deee… ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh. Oh feck, that’s going to be stuck in my head all day. Whoever is closest to Tony, hit him for me.

  2. For the last three days, while waiting for a connecting train at Flagstaff Station, they have been playing a selection of Billy Joel’s greatest hits over the PA. A blast from the past? Or just a really bad memory of living with Tony? Hmmmm.

  3. My extremely Scottish great-grandpa, the appropriately-named Jock Sinclair, used to use “haver”. I only have dim memories of him, he died when I was 7 or 8, but in context I think it means “chattering”, implying a kind of aimless meandering conversation. Put it this way, he used it in contexts where I might now use “rabbiting on”.
    This could be completely wrong (I was only little after all, I might have totally misunderstood the conversation) but it’s one idea, anyway.

  4. I live 98 miles from Scotland and haven’t a clue what it means. Having said that, I discovered only at the age of 40 that you can use water to lick envelopes. I thought spit was obligatory.

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