Maybe It Is Change Time

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately and I want to change it.

It needs a new layout, this one is a couple of years old now and gasp, shock even uses &lt font &gt tags. It must have been the last project I did that featured them. Regardless, they have to go and CSS has to come in so I can do a PDA/small screen version. I need to get RSS happening for all blogs that run off the site, maybe even an ATOM feed. I want to make it more obvious that Contemplating Albert is one of my blogs and I want to start a couple more – one for photos of around here and another on tech stuff I find on the web. Maybe one for my business too.

I should move to WordPress but I’m too busy at the moment to spend a weekend making sure everything works, and my PHP probably isn’t up to scratch just yet to get exactly what as quickly as I want so I’ll stick with MT 2.6 and ASP a little longer.

This is entry 991 for me, I wonder if I could make it all happen by entry 1000?

2 Replies to “Maybe It Is Change Time”

  1. Ditto what Catherine said *L* And you don’t need to know much about WP/php to use it… trust me. I’m the dumbest person I know when it comes to this stuff.

  2. Even though all I got from this blog was blah blah blah abbreviation I don’t understand blah blah blah I think you would make a good IT teacher for those less IT literate like me.

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