Went to the doctor today. I have to fast from midnight to have a blood test tomorrow morning.

And this is what they will be looking for :

FBE&ESR; U,E&Creat; LFT; TSH (T3 & T4 if indicated); Fasting Cholesterol, Trigs, LDL’s & HDL’s; Fasting Sugar

More news on Wednesday.

4 Replies to “Stat!”

  1. Ah, the good old FBE/ESR!!
    I remember them well.
    Close your eyes and don’t look!

  2. Oohh… They’re testing you for everything! I had all that done a while back. Turned me into a right pin cushion, they did. Good luck!

  3. good luck tony. having been stuck (literally) with a lot of blood tests lately, i can say that at least you get over any fear of needles you may have!

  4. I had these done recently and was amazed to find out I had high LDLs! I’ve lost 20k in the last couple of years (and kept it off) mostly by changing to a mostly vegan diet. I thought that would assure me a low cholestrol future but apparently not! Sneaky little LDLs… must be hiding in my carrots or something… good luck mate!

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