It’s All Over

If you can’t win and believe in yourself when you have a six goal lead against the Dockers on a perfect winters afternoon in Melbourne how can you call yourself a football club? How can you expect your supporters to to turn up, to believe, to cheer, to have faith?

We were travelling home with the heaviest of hearts when we saw a young mum sitting at Flinders St with her young son decked out in a Tigers jumper two years too large.

“Poor kid.” I said.

“I know.” she replied, “What have I done to him?”

We had no answer.

However, life ain’t so bad when you get home and the cats still love you.

Consoling cats.

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  1. If you look closely enough, you can see a little girl in a stripey jumper sitting on the floor. Poor Phee gets kicked off the couch by the cats!!

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