It’s Fun Again

I work with computers all day, then come home and work with them some more. It seems I spend almost evey waking moment behind a keyboard so it’s not that surprising the fun element of PC’s has worn off a little.

But this week the fun has come back.

I love gadgets and have had a PDA for almost 5 years now. Mainly they’ve been Palms and I couldn’t survive without one. They’ve allowed me to get my finances in order, remember dates and appointments I’d have forgotten and store massive amounts of serial numbers, combinations and settings I’d have no hope of remembering otherwise.

Last night I said goodbye to my old Palm and moved to the Pocket PC camp. End of financial year sales and end of product run combined nicely so I could pick up a lovely little HP Ipaq H1940. After adding a Javo Clear Case and some screen protectors this morning I’m ready to go, and the little I’ve used it so far I’m mighty impressed. To come soon is a USB Bluetooth adaptor so I can sit in the lounge and surf the net and once SplashData release Splash Money for the Pocket PC I’ll be set.

The second thing to bring the fun in is a game. I normally don’t play games, a round of Age Of Empires everynow and then is about it, but at Daniel‘s suggestion I downloaded the trial version of Halo. Next day I went and bought the game.

It’s been many years since I’ve played a game and been this impressed, maybe even back to the mighty Elite, but this is amazing. The graphics, the story, the pure adrenalin rush of taking on the bad guys who actually seem to think about the best way of taking you down. It’s a stunning effort and after ten minutes playing I knew I wanted to master the game. I’m working now to get all of my business stuff done, get the lawns mown and catch up on the paperwork so I can sit down uninterrupted, with a clear conscience, and go kill a world full of nasties.

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  1. I’m still using my Palm V (not even a Vx!) and have been looking at the range of Windows based PDA’s available. My brother recently bought an iPaq and has been having a wow of a time with it. I saw the Dell PDA in a flyer recently @ $500 and it looked (and sounded) pretty damn fine. When I finally make the punge it must have 802.11b on board – so I can hook it up to my home wi-fi network.

  2. Oooh. I got a t3 a month or so again, and had a very hard time deciding whether or not to stay with Palm or go with an IPaq. I’m still pondering on whether I made the right decision.

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