Been Busy

I know. It’s been quiet around here the past few days but I’ve been busy, go see if you want to know what I’ve been up to. It’s not the site I would have given them had I designed it but it’s the site they wanted. Ah well, they’re happy even if I’m not.

Now before I get stuck in to another site it’s time for a little Halo action.

5 Replies to “Been Busy”

  1. Eh.. it’s not too bad… but much like the site I had to do for Fee, what the client wants, the client gets. *rolls eyes*

  2. Ha hem. So much for that. I’ve now been sitting and watching since I last typed that comment.

    It’s loads of fun to watch!

  3. OK, I’m sitting here now, right beside him and listening to this… Methinks I’ve got something better to do.

    Vacuuming anyone??

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