If There Is An Easier Way I’d Like To Know How

I swear it’s the easiest money I have ever made. Gmail, Google‘s wonderful web mail, just gave me some invitations to send to other people.

Being the entreprenerd that I am I put one on Ebay with a ‘Sell Now’ price of AUD $25. It was snapped up and paid for in 15 minutes and he took another invite, my last, as well. Now there are two happy people in India and one happy person in Melbourne.

5 Replies to “If There Is An Easier Way I’d Like To Know How”

  1. And the $50 buck you just made you can pay to Dave to cover the breech of copyright for the use of the term “entreprenerd”!!!!

  2. I took economics. Demand and supply and all that. Demand might be high, but the price is never going to be high while supply is so high, which it is right now. Yeah. Or something like that.

    (Okay, it was only year 11 economics. And I didn’t like it all that much.)

  3. Thing is Ren that there are now a lot of invitations our there – each Gmailer has several to give away, increasing the size of the Gmail user base by 300% and reducing the scarcity of a gmail address availability. Reduced scarcity equals reduced value so it’s worth making a sale while the market still sees some worth in the product.

    Or something like that. I never took Econmics.

    I made some money anyway.

  4. *L* You should do what the other guys had done and sell it for $300 US as one had reportedly gone for.

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