The Festival

The Birthday TicketI didn’t have a birthday this year, I had a birthfestival. It started Wednesday night and is only just winding down now. Yesterday was the big day though and any day you spend with your love going to the movies at The Sun, lunch from Sumos in Yarraville, visiting the National Gallery of Victoria, the Arts Centre, strolling along St Kilda Rd in the crisp winter air, eating out at the lovely The River at Southgate, a tram ride back to Eden On The Park to spend the night followed by a walk into South Melbourne for breakfast this morning has to be classed as wonderful. Thanks Rae for spoiling me rotten.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, ’twas a great day and now that I’m old I think I might stop at this age.

Oh dear, I just found out I share my birthday with Fin, the Canucks mascot. Bet ya his day was no where near as good as mine

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