Well This Isn’t Fun


Viruses ain’t fun – put that on a bumper sticker and I’d buy one. A whole day and night spent shivering and burning up at the same time, interspersed with wonderful nausea and shaking uncontrollably. The Dr is fairly sure I’m not gonna die (and that’s a relief) and has told me stay in bed tomorrow, the way I’m feeling now I’ll be taking his advice, especially after going to work today against my better judgement.

In other medical matters my Dad’s in hospital down here at the moment. He’s having an angiogram. Of course he’s worried and concerned, that there’s no allowance for a cup of tea on tomorrow’s lunch menue. Go Dad.

4 Replies to “Well This Isn’t Fun”

  1. Send my best wishes up to your dad. Hope the tests turn out fine. I completely understand his distress about the tea!

  2. [puts hand up]
    Then again, we’ve been hit by both the cold and Sasser virus at home. Feel better Tony!

  3. Hands up all those geeky people who read the first sentence of this entry and thought “he’s talking about the Sasser computer worm”. [Puts hand up].

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