I’m Glad I’m Sick

Thank god I am sick today. Mum is staying with us ’cause Dad had his angiogram this morning so I was home when she called to see how it went. He has to have a triple bypass within the next couple of days. As you can appreciate mum was a little upset when she got off the phone, I think she was thankful to have someone here with her.

The doc said Dad’s heart is strong so there’s no problem with the procedure, even though he’s 82, and that all should go well. We’ve rung all my sisters and are now trying to get things organised for an extended stay as both mum and dad thought they’d be off home tomorrow. We’re lucky that a nurse taking Dad’s pulse last week prior to a check up noticed an irregularity and followed up on it. One person doing her job has made such a difference to our family.

Funny thing is it’s Heart Week this week and I’ve been ignoring the healthy choice options at work. Time to re-evaluate me thinks.


Operation is tomorrow morning, 8:00 am.

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  1. Best wishes for your Dad and all the family. Everything will be fine I am sure.You guys will be in my thoughts.

  2. I hope your Dad is ok Tony, operations are scary no matter what the diagnosis. I’ll be thinking of your family.

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