The MFB Owes Me An Hours Sleep

Last night was the end of daylight savings; hooray, I hear you cry, an extra hours sleep. Well maybe for you it was.

It was around 2 and I was having this dream that was full of sirens, loud sirens growing even louder. A dream where Rae suddenly jumps out bed and the room and is full of blue and red flashing lights. Hang on, this ain’t no dream.

Two firetrucks had screamed up our street, stopping outside our place. Peeking through the blind like a good sticky beak I could see the firemen walking up and down in front of the houses opposite, flashlights in hand. Eventually the siren was turned off and after more wandering up and down and several conferences in the middle of the road the trucks drove off leaving the street in peace and quiet.

For half an hour. Then they came back.

Seeing as how this morning all houses are still standing and there’s no sign of a bush fire I can only assume this was totally unnecessary and that the Metropolitan Fire Brigade hereby officially owes me an hours bonus sleep.

3 Replies to “The MFB Owes Me An Hours Sleep”

  1. Yep, agree with Daniel, you’re totally looking at this the wrong way. I’d be happy they were so diligent in turning up. If it was your place in need, you’d want them. Someone who doesn’t like one of your neighbours is the new ‘shitty kid from next door, starting the car at 5:00’.

    At last, a new nemesis. This blog will survive.

  2. Try sleeping when someone who lives across the street gets stabbed and there are 2 cop cars and an ambulance with flashing lights and people yelling.

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