Usually I wait until the end of the financial year before I go office equipment crazy but today I finished my home office set up.

I bought a shredder!

Yes, it is now safe to entrust me with your top secret file disposal. All those government documents you don’t know what to do with, the compromising photos and secret love letters you can’t keep can be cut into lovely 5mm strips.

I don’t have much to dispose of in this way but the thought of my bank, phone and business details sitting outside on the nature strip over night before the recyclers come and collect them makes me a little nervous. I think if I ever needed to adopt an identity in a hurry I’d drive around until I found a suburb who had paper collection that night and within the space of a few houses I’d have enough information on at least one person to get by for a while.

As it is all I’ve shredded is one print out of Visa card statement, but it’s a start.

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  1. I may have about 250 000++ records I need to get rid of quickly….do you think your shredder could handle this for me…

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