Rare Sight – Karma In Action

Two firsts this morning – car wash rage and actually seeing karma come back to bite someone on the bum.

Car Wash Rage. Yep, it’s real. I went to wash my car in the car wash as there’s no time for a proper wash today. When I drove in I noticed a red car was last in line, cool, only two in front of me. Ran in bought the ticket and came out only to see an empty car parked behind the red car. Red car move forward but I couldn’t fit completely so I sort of nosed in. A few minutes later big bearded Herald Sun reading owner of empty car appears, “I was here before you.” he yells through his window and pushes around me then sits there reading his Herald Sun, not looking up once. Okay Mr Important, what can I do now? I sit and fume for a few minutes and then I’m over it.

Now for the karma bit.

Mr Important drives in, his Important Car is all soaped up.

And it’s soaped up.

And it’s soaped up.

And the rinsing spray isn’t spraying it’s rinse.

Yep, the car wash has broken down. Mr Important’s car is now streaky, wet and not clean and he has to drive off to Important Manor in car that’s now a lot worse than when he drove in.

What a rare day you get to see karma in action. Of course my car is still dusty so I’m not sure what I did wrong.

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