Father To Son

I’ve lost count of the weddings my dad has MC’d. He’s a natural at the role; charming, well spoken, funny and serious as required, he has it all. The well worn lines always sound fresh, the words always perfectly pitched.

Well Dad, looks like I’ll be coming to you for help ’cause the flame has been passed.

At a barbie today Veronica and Steve asked if I would be MC for their wedding. What an honour, how could I say no? I just wonder if I can get anywhere near making the brief words sound as good as Dad can.

4 Replies to “Father To Son”

  1. Build up hopes, just to dash them???

    What are you trying to say? You want me manacled to Tony for all time? Ha! No guts to ask, I knew he’d decline!

  2. re previous comment: Yes, build up our hopes just to dash them at the last minute. Should’ve expected it.

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