Two Seats

I found out last night that the seat in my car goes all the way back. (Stop that sniggering up the back)

I was also reminded that plastic garden seats are not the best things to sit on when watching a movie.

And how did these two things happen? We went to the movies, but not just any movies, this was our very special movie going time. Every month (except December) the Barwon Heads Film Society screens a classic film in the community hall. For those readers not from round these parts Barwon Heads is a sleepy sea side hamlet an hour and a quarter out of Melbourne. It was made famous in the series Sea Change but thankfully has never grown past being a small fishing village.

The film society seems to be made up of a group of locals, they all know each other and the banter flows in the lead up to the screening. One of them plays an out of tune piano before the movie, and during intermission. Yep, no mega spools here, there’s always a pause between reels and the sound pumps out of a glorious mono speaker, along with a good deal of static. It’s a gold coin donation to get in ($1 or $2 for those not in the know) and a cup of tea prepared by the ladies of the committee sets you back another two dollars, but with all you can eat genuine home made goodies to go with it.

We love it; it’s a trip back in time. We always try to have dinner before hand at a great little caf? up the street and make sure we get there in time to claim a front row. Of course we always pack away the white plastic garden chairs after the movie finishes. Last night was The Manchurian Candidate and in a couple of months it’s Logan’s Run so we’ll go back then, but by then we’ll have to take blankets ’cause the hall gets cold. We’re looking forward to it already.

Oh, and the car seat? Rae drove home and I slept. That’s all.

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