Our Toilet No Longer Smells

Yes, our toilet ponged.

Really really ponged. And we didn’t know why. No matter what we tried the smell was there, and apart from being remarkably embarrassing, it was a complete mystery, that is until the shower started to gurgle and smell too. And the laundry. And the kitchen.

Yep – the drain. Some how or another the previous tenants managed not to notice the foul stench coming from the drain any time more than a cup of tea worth of water was poured down it. Unlike the previous real estate agents from hell, Donna from Wilson Pride was right on the case and a cheery bald plumber named Steve turned up this afternoon and sorted the whole smelly mess out.

Now our toilet doesn’t smell. Bet you’re happy for us.

8 Replies to “Our Toilet No Longer Smells”

  1. Alright, I wanna know… what crawled in there and died?

    And is it related to the thing that crawled up my cat Bindi’s arse and died, because she’s quite pongy as well.

  2. Daniel, thank you for your responsing, rubber cup is a stick? or pole? with a cup shaped rubber. Yes, it’s a kind of plunger. It has been used for a long time since befor I was born.

  3. Last month our toilet-paper(probably) choked the toilet. It was the first experience since I was born. AND we used “rubber-cup” (I don’t know how does it say in English” to solve the problem. It was also my first experience. Do you guess what “rubber-cup” is?.

  4. Happy for you that the smell is gone, but equally happy that your new r.e agents seem to be working out better … a cheery bald plumber delivered same-day is a very good response!

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