So, We Meet Again

17 years. That’s who long it’s been since I moved to Melbourne and that’s how long it’s probably been since I encountered my arch nemesis : the lawn mower.

It’s been three weeks since we moved in to this place and the cooch had grown, especially in the back yard so the time had come. One call to Rob and I had a whole hardware store of yard maintenance tools delivered. I tried hiding in my room as I did when a teenager but it dawned on me after half an hour that dad wasn’t going to appear and do them so I took a deep breath, walked out, primed the engine and pulled the cord.

An hour and a half later we not only have freshly mown lawns we also have a nicely defined edge along the back path. I also realised something. Gardening, trimming, tidying up is relaxing. It’s enjoyable.

It’s raining on and off so I have had a chance to whipper snipper the hard to get at bits and the front still needs to have the edges done but I am happy with what I achieved.

I’m either going mad or getting older.

Me and the mower.

6 Replies to “So, We Meet Again”

  1. Hey Ren, I see your 4 times and raise you *3* times in 2.5 years … that’s how often we mowed at our last place. The final time, the grass was so high we had to hire a ride-on to get it done. And then all you could see was my partner’s head and shoulders rising above the wild savannah.

  2. you’re going mad. love it. when you find yourself hand picking weeds and bindies out (with a stubby to help) then you’ve reached to dizzying heights of insanity.

  3. *grins* You look like you’re enjoying it too much… We’ve done our lawns four times in the almost two years we’ve been here. Beat that.

  4. I looked at the photo but try as I may I couldn’t hear you cursing and swearing above the sound of the lawn mower as I used to hear when you were doing the lawns at the Boulevard. Great work son, keep it up, you should have taken up this occupation over 17 years ago!!!! (think how far ahead you would be now. Love Dad.

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