James Bond For A Day

Rae woke up this morning with a brilliant idea.

“I’m sick of sitting in here looking at all these boxes, let’s go to Shepparton.”

So we did, half an hour later we were on the Hume, two hours later we pulled in to Emerald Bank Heritage Farm and Theme Park (beware – strange music that goes forever at this site). I’m not sure what the theme was meant to be although if they were pitching for a theme of ‘good idea gone to seed’ then they succeeded brilliantly. They even have the old water slide from the Raymond West before it became Watermove, or Waterworks, or Waterplace, or Waterworld, or whatever they call it.

Anyway, after the jumping castle, the hay ride, the pony ride (all for Phee) and a look at the motley collection of guinea pigs and rabbits that was the animal nursery one of my childhood dreams came true. I got to ride on a hovercraft. It appears that the one and only hovercraft in Shepp runs as a an attraction on select weekends and lucky us, it was running today. First off we sent my dad, who is 82 but thinks he’s 20, and Phee. Then it was time for Rae and me. All I can say is WOO HOO! So the ride only went for 3 minutes max but the rush of heading off land and on to water, spinning around a couple of times to make sure we got wet then repeat was a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately there were no explosions, or villains pursuing us on jet skis but I think we did scare a duck. After the ride we asked dad what he thought. “Should have been longer” he muttered. Go dad.

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  1. mmmm You forgot to mention the sheer joy and highlight of the day was catching up with your beloved sister. I guess that goes without saying. Oh and don’t forget the part when you got off the hovercraft and announced to all present you were glad you had your brown jocks on…. Love you more big brother!!!!

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