Living In A House That Isn’t There

Don’t get me started on reconnection fees. I just love paying companies for the pleasure of continuing to do business with them.

AGL however take the cake. AGL bill us for both our gas and electrical needs so I give them a call to transfer the accounts to the new address. Gas goes fine, but “I’m sorry sir I will have to transfer you to the electrical people to change that bill”.

Okay, same company, same phone number different divisions.

I get through to the electrical people.

“I’m sorry sir, there is no such address.”

“Yes there is, we’re moving in to it. The current residents have power connected through you.”

“I’m sorry sir, there are properties either side but I’m seeing that that property does not exist.”

“It does, we’re moving in to it. We just transferred the gas with you to the same address.”

“Sir, I know it exists, but it does not exist.”

Now it’s a long time since my philosophy study but this little twist gave me such a headache I had to hang up and seek solace in a coffee.

I called back later this afternoon and explained the situation.

“Let me check. Oh, that property is there all right. No idea why he told you it wasn’t.”

Here comes that headache again…

5 Replies to “Living In A House That Isn’t There”

  1. heh heh. if it was my workplace i would say it was all the temps they have hired but haven’t trained. which is really clever of them.

  2. Next time just ring up EWOV. Not only will they sort it out (by getting a senior person from AGL to ring you within 24 hours) but they will send AGL a bill for handling your enquiry, which will give you much sadistic pleasure.

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