Don’t Tell Tigerland

Please, no body tell Tigerland.

My Doggies membership turned up today. Yep, me, Mr 100% Tiger himself is a member of the Dogs. It started a few years ago just as I really getting in to footy and shortly after I met Rae. The Dogs were in such financial strife they were existing day to day and were in very real danger of folding. After having seen how much the team meant to Rae, and not wanting to see another Victorian team go under, I bought a membership. And have every year since.

So, while I bleed yellow and black there’s one tiny drop somewhere inside me coloured red, white and blue. Just don’t tell my real family.

Doggies 2004

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  1. Fitzroy didn’t really fold, when they merged with Brisbane they got eight of their best players, they got a social club in Melbourne (the Manningham Club), and the official name of the Brisbane Lions is “the Brisbane Bears-Fitzroy Football Club”. And they have BBFFC on the back of the guernseys above the number. When I went to one of the Brisbane Lions games in 2002 (at Telstra Dome) they had the 2001 flag and the 1944 flag together. And I read somewhere Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse bought a Bulldogs membership so that the Doggies can survive. At work a few years ago (I worked in Footscray at the time) we had a lunch at the bistro at Whitten Oval, there is a mural with a lot of the Bulldog champions. And I miss the “Doggie Doggie Doggie woof-woof-woof” animated bulldog that pops up on the scoreboard whenever the Bulldogs scored a goal. At the Lions’ games I used to barrack “C’mon Fitzroy”, my brother used to always tell me off when I did that. Go the Lions!

  2. wow, that’s true love when you go against the grain of your football club! you better hope they don’t read your blog, tony. 🙂

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