Tony’s Guide To Instant Weight Loss

The best way to remove weight, say of the world on your shoulders, is to get a message from your gal telling you the agent has said yes to the house you really want to move in to.

Yep. We got the place so the story ends as it should and goes to prove yet again it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

So, moving day is Sunday Feb 1. Early start (we’ve got the truck booked and can pick it up at 8.00am) and loads of hard work but with pizza, beer and good karma still on offer – any takers?

6 Replies to “Tony’s Guide To Instant Weight Loss”

  1. OK, when you referred to them as a couple I thought that meant they were *a couple*. And with names like Shae and Bev…….
    …. so you’re paying the higher rent then?

  2. Sorry to disappoint you Vaughan but they’re rampantly heterosexual. Deal is we take the balane of their lease (2 or so months) and tack another 12 on to the end of that. We’re happy, agent is happy, land lord is happy.

  3. Woo hoo!

    (Vaughan mate, you have such a way with words. Way to push the boundaries of acceptable language for us straight folk.)

  4. So this is the one you’re taking over from the two dykes?

    Are you blowing your budget or are they subsidising a rent reduction?

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