Since We Last Spoke

Barlow McEwan and Tribe has been notified that we will be out on the 9th. It’s only 24 days notice; she pointed out that ‘legally we require 28 days’ and I very calmly pointed out that legally we were entitled to quiet enjoyment of the property but that hasn’t happened. “I won’t get in to that now.” she said. I didn’t think she would want to.

We have hit the net, got agents to fax us rental lists, photocopied the Melway pages to plan our attack, created check list for the properties to help us keep track, cleared all commitments for the next few weekends, already wrangled some people in to help (more welcome!), organised a supermarket worth of boxes and generally got the plans rolling.

Priority One – get a place ASAP.
Priority Two – get packed as early as possible. The move will be on one of two weekends – the 31 Jan/1 Fen or 7/8 Feb.

It may be rushed, but doesn’t have to stressful. We can hope.

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