We’re Going

We’re going. The idiots win. Rae has explained why.

I hate to see them think they have won, but for the sake of our family we have to go. Tomorrow morning I’m calling Barlow McEwan and Tribe, telling them we are moving, we will give them as much notice as we can but it won’t be 28 days, that we will not be charged extra for this and that we are investigating ways to be compensated for the cost of leaving early.

We will want to move in one day so if anyone out there can, and wants to, lend a hand let us know. We will need cars and bodies but will reward you with pizza, beer and bundles of good karma.


Move most likely 31 of Jan/1 Feb or 7/8 Feb. We have to be out by the 9th.

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  1. Well, you do need your sanity.
    Did you ever ring Consumer Affairs (you slack bastard)? Check your Renters Rights book with a fine tooth comb.
    If I’m free I’ll give you a hand on the day. As long as I don’t need to do any damn packing!

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