And The Wind Shall Speak Your Name; “IDIOT”

Maybe it was the wild windy weather, maybe it was the complete lack of sleep for two months but whatever ‘it’ was ‘it’ lead to Rae storming out of the house at 11.00pm clad in a fluffy pink dressing gown and getting involved in a mexican stand off over the position of our rubbish bin.

Neighbourly relations have officially sunk to an all time low.

I’m happy to stay – we’re annoying the hell out of ’em just by living there and that’s enough for me – but Rae is so upset at the way we are being treated she is determined to move and I can’t say I blame her.

Looks like we’ll be hunting for packing boxes before too long.

2 Replies to “And The Wind Shall Speak Your Name; “IDIOT””

  1. The bin had fallen over (because the idiot had moved it) and I seriously thought one of our cars had been hit. And let’s remember the dumbarse son just totalled his car recently, so it wasn’t an altogether impossibility.
    That’s why I went outside in my dressing gown. Seriously… you’d not have wanted to see me without it!

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