Our Landlord, We Wrote Her A Letter

Remember the letter we wrote to our landlord? I had a phone call from the managing agents. Barlow McEwan and Tribe, today.

It seems the agent went and had a chat to the mother from the front house. As she was chatting, the brother of our back neighbour (The Water Waster) wandered over to join in. Up shot is the front “don’t think there is a problem” (Yes, there is. That’s why you’re being spoken to.) and the brother of Marion says it’s not a problem. This last bit was interesting on two fronts – a) he doesn’t sleep there and b) of course it’s not an issue for her – she has our place as insulation between the car and her room!

The decision we’ve made is to stay; for the sole reason of making their lives as miserable as we can. We’ll move our bedroom to where my office is now and then move the office to the bedroom. We’re compiling a list of ‘Annoying Things Renters Do’ so all suggestions will be taken on board, and most likely acted upon.

Let the games begin.

2 Replies to “Our Landlord, We Wrote Her A Letter”

  1. Wow, I am really, really disappointed to hear that. I was so optimistic they’d take care of it. Maybe you should invite those people to spend the night in your apartment to see what it’s like!!!!

    Oh yes…screaming children. Angry, screaming children. Gets ’em every time. 😉

  2. Frankly I think you have been way too patient with these idiots – and that includes the agent. The law is clear – you’re not getting “quiet enjoyment” of your home, and the EPA laws about noise should also apply. Having to have Phoebe stay elsewhere just so she can sleep is beyond the pale. Ring up Consumer Affairs Victoria, they have some good people who I bet can give you some advice about things you can do to get this resolved. Show no mercy!

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