Oh Dear

You know you’re in trouble when you are in a pitch meeting for a site re-design and the following collection of phrases makes the committee’s eyes glaze over.

  • Eye candy.
  • Creative with space.
  • We want to encourage magnetism in the site. [????]
  • Engage the user.
  • We can design you your own sound.
  • A more hackneyed bunch of web-talk circa 1999 I have never heard. It’s amazing they will get paid so much to create their ‘highly dynamic, animated and scalable web application capable of operating in a an extremely broad range of platforms’. You really should read their proposal document. It’s hilarious.

    The redesign is all about graphics, images, sound, presentation. The complete antithesis of my user focused design principles (me, principles? Who woulda thunk?). So do I talk up, try to educate the committee and look like the bitter sulking employee who has had his lolly taken away or do I go against every grain of my being and let them hang themselves?


    Maybe I can take noose tying lessons to pass the time.

    5 Replies to “Oh Dear”

    1. I’m sure you could find it somewhere on the web, but I can give you some practical lessons on noose tying. Fun for all the office.

    2. I’m sure you can find noose tying on the web, but I can give you some practical lessons. Fun for all the office.

    3. You speak up of course and show them what you are made of – or what you can make for them.

    4. I’d love to Daniel but I seriously doubt they would appreciate him and his wacky ‘why not give the user what they want’ ideas.

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