My Car

For about five years I’ve been missing a hub cap from one of my tyres – I can even remember the morning it disappeared. For another three of these years I’ve been missing a strip off the back panel of my car since some little punk ripped it off. A while ago the missing hub cap was rotated to underneath the missing strip and I began to dislike my car – it looked all messy and uncared for (which, I guess it was). I don’t particularly like cars – and I know next to nothing about them apart from you call the RACV if the damn thing doesn’t start.

Well Rae, the wonder girl, decided to do something about it. Not only did she vacuum and clean both the inside and outside she found a strip at a car wreckers and got to me to buy a new set of hub caps – I had no idea they were so cheap! So for the grand total of $40 my car is complete again and looks fantastic. What a car, what a gal.

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