Ghosts of Books Past

The Ghost Of Thomas KempeRae and I were talking about books the other night, old books, books we had read as children when one popped in to my head; The Ghost of Thomas Kempe.

I can’t remember anything about it except for the fact that I loved it and it was very ‘English’. Now I’m going to have to track down a copy to add to the bookshelves for Phee when she is a little older. I also remember one called ‘Green Magic’ that I must’ve had out on permanent loan from the school library. It too was very ‘English’ and was about a young boy who found a Griffin and (I think) decided to keep him. My memory has also dragged up something about it being part of a series, something like ‘Griffin Magic’. That one’s going to be trickier to track down as I don’t even know the author. Looks like I’ll be busy for a while.

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