I really shouldn’t have made a new play list last night. Sitting at the PC, updating one of my sites I thought I’d make me up a CD.

It ended up being quite possibly the most maudlin collection of music I have ever put together.

The list goes a little like this :

Fred Jones Pt 2 (Ben Folds)
Overkill (Collin Haye)
I Guess I Get A Little Emotional Sometimes (Paul Kelly)
Untouchable Face (Ani DiFranco)
Into My Arms (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds)
Mad World (Gary Jules – the version from Donnie Darko)
Wintercoat (Paul Kelly)
Fade In To You (Mazzy Star)
Where The Wild Roses Grow (Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue)
Run Wild (New Order)
Tender (Blur)
Adultery (Do Re Mi)

Any depressed people who want the perfect soundtrack drop me a line and I’ll send you a copy. Those damn Canucks have a lot to answer for.

Time to work on the victory collection in anticipation of game 2, or maybe the Tiges tomorrow.

Now, where did I file that copy of Happy Days Are Here Again?

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  1. Hey Maudlin
    I am soooo ver much depressed
    And I have just seen Mad World and Fade in to you in your playlist
    It may be a little too late but could you send me a copy?
    Love, Emphaty, Sympathy , It was the best thing that I ever had but I lost it somehow

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