The Agony Of A Long Distance ‘Nucks Fan

I’m sorry. If any of you tuned in to CKNW I can not apologise enough. There’s still time to go in the game and we are down 0-5. In footy terms it’s like being down 120 points with ten minutes to play in the final quarter.

The pain, the misery. How can they play this poorly? We were one game off winning the division title and now we’re being massacred on our home ice. Poor Tom and John have to call this game – you can hear the despair in their voices. The crowd, who were wild as the puck dropped, seem not to be there.

How can you do this ‘nucks? This year is supposed to be your year.

And to think each round of the playoffs is a best of 7 series. This may go on for three more games.


(And they scored again. 0-6. I can’t listen anymore)

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