Drive In Take 2

So a while back we got all Drive-In-Enthused and fired up, ready to go. Major problem with plan – there was nothing on worth watching. That all changed last night thanks to school holidays. A kids film, at dusk, so we packed up the car and headed off to the wilds of Coburg to the Village Drive In.

It was fantastic. A perfect mild Autumn night, windows down, the newish car speakers earning their keep, the screens had flashing lights around them, kids piled in to the back of station wagons, the ‘diner’, the playground, the great ’50s style cactus garden in front of the projection booth, pop corn down the car seats, 3 screens to keep you occupied – the total drive in experience. It was such a clear night you could even watch the flashing light ballet of planes in the distance circling to land at Tullamarine.

To top the night off we took a detour on the way home and followed the lights of the planes out to the airport. We parked in the viewing area and sat outside as massive 747’s took off directly overhead. Such massive beasts with lights blazing and engines roaring only a hundred or so metres above you. We were in awe, Phee was asleep.

Oh, the film? It was so bad McDonalds wouldn’t even do a happy meal for it.

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  1. You know, the film was bad. Was really rather bland. But it was the experience of the drive in and the airport later that made the night great.

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